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Speech Recognition in Telephony Applications: 2011-2018
First published in 1999, latest revision in 2011, this study is a comprehensive examination of the computer telephony markets for automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems & services.

Automatic Speech Recognition: A Study of the World-Wide Market: 2011-2018
First published in 1991, latest revision in 2011, this is a complete overview of technology, products, markets, and research efforts in the global speech recognition market.

Text-to-Speech Technology Markets: 2011-2018
First published in 1993, latest revision in 2011, this study offers current and potential text-to-speech (TTS) users a comprehensive guide to the technology, its applications, benefits and more. Text-to-Speech suppliers will find vital information in all of the market's major segments.

Text-to-Speech Accuracy Testing - 2013
The information provided in this report presents the accuracy performance of the commercially available Text-to-Speech (TTS) products. Using a test corpus of over fifteen hundred phrases, each unit was tested, scored and the results tabulated. Over 10 TTS products were tested.


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