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ASRNews  is a monthly newsletter which tracks the latest developments in the speech recognition and text-to-speech marketplace. ASRNews covers speech applications, new products, R&D, marketing and investments in all segments of this emerging industry. These segments include telecommunications, computer software, PC systems, industrial automation and electronic consumer applications of speech recognition and synthesis.

ASRNews is available in a hard-copy and web-based format (e-ASRNews).  The web-based format provides its' subscribers with searchable current and back issues.

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Market Reports
VIA (Voice Information Associates), the company that publishes ASRNews, also publishes strategic, technical and corporate information on speech technologies in several areas which are available for purchase.

  bullet Text-to-Speech Technology Markets, 2014
  bullet Text-to-Speech Accuracy Testing - 2014
  bullet Mobile Speech Technology, Markets, Products and Suppliers, 2014
  bullet Telephone Self Service, Markets, Products and Suppliers, 2014
  bullet Outbound Contact, Markets, Products and Suppliers, 2014
  bullet Analytics, Surveilance & WFM Markets, Products and Suppliers, 2014
  bullet Call Center, Markets, Products and Suppliers, 2014
  bullet Voice in the Supply Chain, Markets, Products and Suppliers, 2014



ASRNews is published by Voice Information Associates, Inc.
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